Petina Cole recently finished work on her 5th feature film, "The Man on Her Mind", as music supervisor.  She also contributed an original piece of music to the score.   see IMDB for other film and tv credits


Cole spent 2010 in California, where she met Russell "Buddy" Helm and his partner Cathy Javier at "Seasons" in Santa Monica.  Cole spent many joyful, healing hours in drumming meditation sessions with Buddy and Cathy. Buddy honored Petina by inviting her to perform on his Drumming Meditation Introduction CD.  


In 2006 Cole co-wrote a song for the soundtrack of the film "Reunion" with Daryl Kojak, Wendy Wall and Tom Brian Thompson. The song was performed in the soundtrack by Phoebe Snow. The soundtrack includes music by Cyndi Lauper, Mr. Complex and Monkey Bowl.  


In 2003 composer Walter Skolnik wrote "Sonata for Flute and Piano" for Miss Cole, which sonata she debuted in 2004 and performed at the Donnell Library in NYC with pianist Elise Sobol.


Cole received the “Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement” at the 28th International Congress on Arts and Entertainment in 2001, Cambridge, England for her performance with world-renowned pianist Elise Sobol. Their work as a duo includes educational programming, such as “A Gentlewoman’s Pursuit”, featuring works by women composers. The two performed with the “Oyster Bay Distinguished Artists Concert Series” and “Under the Stars”—a concert series promoted in public parks.


Ms. Cole toured across the country with the world-famous “Tim Janis Ensemble” and with “Lenny K” in his debut season of new age-classical music. Her rock vocal recording “Hazel Lord”, produced by Daryl Kojak and written by Anthony Biale, was released to critical acclaim in 2002. The NYROCK Street Beat praised her “strong” vocals and PHASE9 Entertainment said “What Hazel Lord seems to have done is go back to the seventies where lyrics and melody once ruled the music world.”


Having graduated magna cum laude from NYU, Petina is a founding member of numerous arts organizations that bring education outreach and performance to diverse venues--“Opera at Home”, delivering opera to under-served communities and regaling audiences at venues such as Merkin Concert Hall; “Handel with Care”, offering salon entertainment as well as large concert programs; and various chamber ensembles.